Debit card Update!

April 27, 2019


Dear  Martexcoin investors

We hope all your plans and dreams come true. Thank you for choosing free Matrexcoin Debit card .

We really appreciate your trust

We perfectly understand how many of you can’t wait to know when Matrexcoin Debit card  will become available .

We hope this announcement below will answer the most important questions in this regard.

According to the requirements of our card vendor

Supposedly distributed  Debit card Earlier than last year

 but most all  our members  outside the EEA/SEPA area who have request Debit card this make  complicated by the large number of legal questions to settle and the large number of applications from various card providers.

At the moment, we are integrating the card platform solution from a new vendor that will be able to issue cards outside the EEA/SEPA area.

Despite all these temporary problems that we are sure we will solve and move forward, we would like you to know that we are always looking for the most affordable and user friendly solutions to add to our range of features so that our investors benefit. Thank you for your understanding,

We will be able to provide more information on this at a later stage.

Then, During this year of 2019 , we plan to launch an updated version already we was updated our website The much-awaited iOS and Android apps will also become available at this stage

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation,

About us

Matrexcoin is the first cryptocurrency to support Renewable Energy
It can be used as payment for Renewable Energy services and products.

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